“Each part of a whole must be proportioned to the whole itself” – LEONARDO DA VINCI.


We are experts in using materials and the most efficient construction methods to execute every unique interior project. Our passion drives our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Our aim is for all our craftsmanship to be impeccable and meet world-class standard.
Focused since its inception on the search for the highest quality and reliability, La Victoire DBD pieces are inextricably bound to the creativity, sensitivity and mastery of its craftsmen, designers and engineers, using the latest in technology, yet without losing sight of artisanal traditional and neo-classical techniques.
Our team of industry professionals is led by highly skilled master craftsmen providing a full interior fit-out, furniture, fixture, upholstery, and metal works manufacturing services.
Our bespoke joinery service adheres to a meticulous production system using accurate choice of materials and standards, which will satisfy the most discerning clients.


La Victoire DBD, which operates today in Lebanon and GCC, was founded over 5 decades ago as a result of passion for woodcarving and reviving classic styles, to translate through furniture an inestimable family heritage of know-how, traditions and craftsmanship.


The company’s roots goes back to its founder and creator Mr Dany’s Father, Michel Balkajian. He was an artistic carpenter, unique, inspired, and dependable. His view of the world and the objects in it provides an interesting approach to his high quality hand-crafted furniture. The attention to the details and the elegance of the design makes his work a unique style.

Dany Balkajian

Dany Balkajian